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LAC Supervision

This section is under construction. I am in the process of becoming a supervisor for LAC supervision.


I will provide consultation and mentorship to beginning counselors. This is different from formalized LAC supervision. I can help explore different theoretical orientations for therapists and masters level students and guide in forming a holistic integrative approach to therapy. Becoming a therapist is a way of being and it is crucial to have a good fit that is a working approach to work. My experience is in supervision of masters and doctoral students in their internship and graduate assistantships at the Counseling and Psychological Services at the University of Arkansas. I have doctoral level training in supervision and have had exposure and experience in multi-disciplinary approaches to the therapy process.

Incorporating Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness is more than taking a few deep breaths and it is different from relaxation. For effective change, it is helpful to learn about mindfulness on an in-depth level so you can assist your clients. If you would like guidance and resources on how to add mindfulness practices to your therapy practice, I can guide in the process. I have researched and learned about mindfulness integration into therapy, and have conducted training on the subject. I can do one on one training or small groups/workshops for therapists on the topic.

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